Syracuse Outdoor Activities

Syracuse Outdoor ActivitiesSometimes, you get the feeling that it has been ages since you have actually spent some quality time outside. From the confines of the cubicle at work to the sofa at home and back again, your everyday responsibilities may make it easy to stay cooped up. Thankfully, Syracuse offers many great natural amenities like scenic trails, expansive parks and other outdoor activities that are sure to make a nature lover out of even the most immovable couch potato.

Thornden Park
Syracuse's Thornden Park offers a little something for everyone. If you are ready to either watch or be a part of the big football game, the park features an impressive multipurpose athletic field that's perfectly suited for football, soccer or lacrosse. There are also four tennis courts and a swimming pool. The smaller kids will love the more traditional swings, slides, seesaws and climbing bars. Or, if you prefer, you can just sit outdoors and admire the beautifully maintained rose garden.

Address: Ostrom Avenue, Madison Street and South Beech Street, Syracuse, NY - MAP
Phone: Phone: (315) 451-7275

Beaver Lake Nature Center
Lovers of the outdoors will not want to miss the chance to experience Beaver Lake Nature Center. Located a short 15-minute drive northwest of Syracuse in Baldwinsville, the center features 9 miles of trails that offer the opportunity to see over 200 species of birds and over 800 varieties of plants. Also, the 200-acre glacial lake is a true wonder to behold. During the warmer months, you can choose to get a closer look at the lake's natural beauty by exploring from a canoe.

Address: 8477 East Mud Lake Road, Baldwinsville, NY 13027 - MAP
Phone: (315) 451-7275

Onondaga Lake Park
Onondaga Lake Park is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in all of upstate New York. Several miles of leisurely trails wind through the park that also features several benches and an incredible number of breathtaking views. There's also a butterfly garden, a skate park, various fields and game courts and picnic areas. Additionally, you will also find the Salt Museum and the Sainte Marie among the Iroquois village exhibits in the park as well.

Address: Southern Inlet, Onondaga Creek, Syracuse, NY - MAP
Phone: (315) 473-4330

Sunset Park Campground, Inc.
The Sunset Park Campground offers a variety of outdoor activities that will please the avid nature lover. Enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, hayrides and much more as you set up camp in this scenic and beautiful area of upstate New York. There is also a large recreation hall and various other specially planned activities that the whole family will enjoy. So whether you are camping out for the weekend or plan to stay much longer, you will enjoy everything about your stay at Sunset Park Campgrounds.

Address: 455 Sprague Road, Finger Lakes, NY 13112 - MAP
Phone: (315) 635-6450

Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Nature lovers always seem to find something new to get excited about every time they visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Burnet Park. This is a truly impressive facility that stretches out over 36 acres. It features nearly 1,000 animals in highly researched habitats that are recreated down to the last details including temperature and vegetation. Aside from the focused and meticulous presentation of all the animals, the zoo is also known for its renowned Humboldt Penguin Breeding Program.

Address: One Conservation Place, Syracuse, NY 13204 - MAP
Phone: (315) 435-8511

Silverman Planetarium
Just because you're a nature lover doesn't mean that the sun has to be shining in order for you to appreciate the world's beauty. Actually, when the sun goes down, it's the perfect time to look heavenward and admire the natural beauty of the stars and planets. Happily, you won't have to strain your neck when you look up to admire all that celestial beauty when you visit the Silverman Planetarium. The facility offers various programs and presentations that allow you to take in the beauty and majesty of the final frontier.

Address: 500 S Franklin Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 - MAP
Phone: (315) 425-9068