Syracuse Festivals & Shows

Syracuse Festivals & ShowsThe people of Syracuse work hard. So, it stands to reason that these industrious folks love a good party to not only celebrate but to let off some steam. Luckily, there are several excellent opportunities to do just that. Just a quick glance at the year's events calendar for the city shows that whether it's the holidays, seasonal events or something that is uniquely Syracuse, these festivals and events that fill the schedule are most definitely well-worth checking out.

Syracuse Jazz Fest
From the very first downbeat, jazz lovers convene in Syracuse to listen to some of the world's best jazz performed live at the Syracuse Jazz Festival. Held on the OCC Campus, this incredibly popular free event attracts families and music fans from all over. The event is usually scheduled every June and no sooner is the last note played than are organizers beginning to put together the details for next year's fest.

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Taste of Syracuse
Fans of all different tastes convene in Syracuse to treat their taste buds to a truly unforgettable experience with the Taste of Syracuse. This is the largest downtown festival in Central New York as it draws over 150,000 people who are searching for something with which to please their palate. This is a two day event that features great live entertainment, a family zone that the kids will love, and of course, some of the best food from local, area and national restaurants and food vendors. This tasteful confab is scheduled every year in the early summer.

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Syracuse Film Festival
Aspiring film makers bring their unique creative visions to Syracuse as they clamor for the spotlight (and a place on the silver screen) at the Syracuse Film Festival. The event, held every October, strives to present the best in contemporary international films that offer the best artistic merit. The Syracuse Film Festival not only showcases the work of established and upcoming film makers from around the world, but it also maintains and enriches the artistic culture in Central New York.

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Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival
Creativity of all kinds is celebrated at the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival. This highly popular event is held in downtown Syracuse and attracts a wide range of artisans as well as fans of various types of crafts. This three-day showcase is a rare opportunity for guests to see the wares of 200 of the country's most talented artists as they present their wide selection of contemporary arts and crafts that range from the highly functional to the ornately decorative. Exhibitors participate from over 30 states and 4 countries. The event is usually scheduled in late July or early August.

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Syracuse Irish Festival
Going green takes on a completely different meaning when referring to the Syracuse Irish Festival. This high-spirited event offers a unique taste of Ireland through music, dance, song, culture and children's activities. Over the course of this two day event usually held in September, visitors can hear great Irish bands, see some truly amazing exhibits and taste some of the country's most delectable food–not to mention sample some of its best ales. Held in Clinton Square, this event is a celebration of the Irish that the whole family will love.

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Great New York State Fair
Syracuse plays host to one of New York state's most lauded events in the late summer when the Great New York State Fair takes place. Held on the New York State fairgrounds, an estimated 1 million people will make their way to this state-wide festival and enjoy an incredible array of entertainment, live music, food, exhibits, presentations, and various other attractions. If it feels like there's so much to do and see, don't worry, the event goes for nearly a week and a half. This is something that the whole family will really enjoy.

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